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The CCO Seminary is used to teach, train and prepare men and women with the necessary knowledge to serve the Lord and his people in the Priesthood. The role of the Priesthood is to administer the Sacraments to Gods people and to carry out the vision of the CCO.

The Seminary is split into two schools, the Word Study and Sacradotals.

The Word Study Program
The Word Study program focuses primarly on learning, exploring and preaching the Word of God. In completion of this program the students, once approved by the Elders, the Seminary and the Priesthood, can be ordained as an Evangelist or a Lay Minister. As an Evangelist one will be trained to preach and share the Gospel with others. As a Lay Minister, an individual is ordained as a first diaconate in the Community and is taught to preach as well as administer some of the sacraments.

The Sacradotal Program
This program will focuses primarly on the care and service of the Lord's Chapel and Altar. Along with preparation and assisting at services, sacristans are in charge over the cleaning and order of the chapel. In completion of this program the students, once approved by the Seminary and the Priesthood can be ordained as a Sacristan

Once ordained as a Sacristan, Lay Minister or Evangelist, an individual may choose to work towards advancing in the priesthood. Upon need and the discernment and direction of the Priesthood, Elders and Undersheperd an individual can move towards becoming a Second Diaconate or a Priest. A Second Diaconate is ordained to administer more of the sacraments and preform Mass. As a second Diaconate one will be preparing and working towards becoming a Priest. As a Priest of the Community one has been ordained to administer all of the sacraments and preform Mass.