Answering the call...
The vision of the Community is simple: go into the highways and byways of life and tell the world of God's love. The Missionary Outreach program was established to fulfill this call. The Missionary Outreach is comprised of vowed members of The Brothers and Sisters of the C.C.O. from all ages and walks of life but they are all bound together by a common desire to spread the love of Jesus Christ to everyone they meet. As vowed Franciscans, these missionaries live a life of order and prayer. They strive, as St. Francis did, to reach out not only with words of Christ's love, but more importantly with their example of that love.

Being a missionary could mean extending a smile or a kind word to someone in the street, or traveling thousands of miles to serve orphans in a foreign land. We believe you step into the mission field when you walk out of your front door. The primary goal of the Missionary Outreach, however, is carrying Jesus' love beyond our borders and around the world. To this end, the Missionary Outreach sponsors a number of mission works in various parts of the world.

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