Our late Bishop Donovan's vision for Kenya began with education. By providing an education to the children of Kenya, these children will become responsible leaders and citizens of their own nation, as well as strong Christian men and women. Beginning in 1998, our missionaries laid the foundations for building schools and ministries in Kenya. In June of 1999, we dedicated the mission house and first school in the town of Lanet. Since then, the Missionary Outreach has built three primary schools and one preschool in several towns across Kenya. In addition to education, the Missionary Outreach has offered the Franciscan way of life to the Kenyan people. Several hundreds have joined The Brothers and Sisters of the C.C.O., taking vows of spiritual poverty, chastity, obedience. It is safe to say that a hunger for this way of life, for a closer walk with Jesus Christ, is spreading throughout Kenya.

In every mission, the primary goal for our work is reaching the children. The basic formula, then, for every mission trip involves Vacation Bible Schools (V.B.S), a program that entails singing bible songs, acting out scenes from the bible, and doing a bible-oriented craft with children. Using this template, missionaries arrived in Windsor Castle, Jamaica in August of 2003, conducting a V.B.S. as well as open-air revival meetings. Over the past years, the outreach has evolved into a longer V.B.S., a youth rally, and multiple open-air meetings. While the V.B.S. ministers to the children of the island, the open-air meetings draw in Jamaicans of all ages and walks of life. In the dark of night, crowds of Jamaicans came literally out of the woods and under the tent to enjoy the music and powerful preaching of the gospel.

In August of 2004, a team of missionaries traveled to Recife, Brazil and conducted two V.B.S.'s in an orphanage in that city. Since then, the mission has grown into several V.B.S.'s in many different orphanages throughout Recife and Brasilia. Due to the language barrier, the V.B.S. is done completely in Portuguese' the leaders of the mission translated our bible school songs and all of the missionaries learned them in the children's native language. (Thanks to God's grace!)

Missionaries arrived in Hyderabad, a major city in central India, in January of 2005. The team traveled throughout the area, performed some V.B.S.'s and fellowshipped with another ministry. Since that trip, the mission has spread all over India through V.B.S.'s, preaching, and prayer and praise services. Beginning in October of 2007, a group of Franciscan sisters will join the team and spend much time ministering and preaching to the Indian women.

Our missions take place in Kohala, on what is known as the Big Island. Missionaries go and are conduct a V.B.S and a youth rally, as well as visit a number of different churches and youth groups.