The Cleaning Ministry is responsible for keeping the Lord's house clean. Sr. Gabriel Conway, the deaconess of the cleaning ministry, would like to share a few thoughts about the ministry.

When I was first appointed deaconess, I did not think much of it, just make sure that we did the job for the Lord. I was laid off at the time and stressed out, but I came to clean His house. While I was there cleaning, and stressed out, I still had a peace. The best feeling came upon me when I was cleaning the front doors. It was a peace beyond what you can imagine, like His Spirit was all over me. It still happens, every time I clean those doors. He gives me the strength to do what He wants me to do. Sometimes I'm asked, "I don't know how you do it, where do you get the strength?" He looks at the heart. If your heart is in it He truly strengthens you and heals. I feel sometimes like the Lord Himself is saying thank you, and I truly believe He is.