The Children's Ministry of the Community of the Crucified One is a branch of the Community that ministers to not only the children of our congregation but also to those children in the surrounding neighborhood and outlying areas. Ages for the Bible School are from 3 to 11 years old. Bible School is held on Saturday's from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from September through the end of May. During this time period, the children are also involved in local events. In a recent area parade, the children participated in full "Noah's Ark attire" and at our local Christmas parade, participated dressed as Bible characters from the Nativity. Our Bible School children also are involved in several scenes from our annual Community Easter Cantata. Through their participation in these events, the children learn more about Jesus and being a witness for Him.

Throughout our school year we celebrate holidays with a Christian message and teaching to show children God's love for each of them in a personal manner. Each Bible School brings a Bible story, presented in skit format, singing and praising the Lord with fun songs, snack time, and a craft. On Mother's Day each year we celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion with children who have been instructed in preparation for this special event in their life.

Each summer we prepare for our weeklong Vacation Bible School held in July. Children in attendance include many from the local area and also from our branch Community outreaches throughout the United States.

Teachers in the Children's Ministry include membership of our congregation who love Jesus, love working with children and try to teach the Gospel to our young members of God's family in a Biblically-based fun manner with the purpose of each child developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Children's Ministry has been in existence since the beginning days of the Ministries of the Community of the Crucified One. We have seen our membership, who once attended Bible School themselves, become leaders in our congregation and also bring their own children to Bible School. And we have also witnessed area parents who attended Vacation Bible School in previous years now bring their children to the same classes they themselves once attended.