What Denomination are you?
The Community of the Crucified One is a Non-Denominational Church that was founded in the 1970's during the charismatic movement by our founder, the late Bishop Edward Donovan. We celebrate the daily liturgy, and we also place a great importance on the Word of God, and on praise and worship. During the formation of the church there has been influence from many different denominations. We welcome people from any walk of life, and our parishioners come from a multitude of denomination and religious up-bringings. To learn more about the history of the Community, please visit the history page.

Who is allowed to receive Communion?
We believe that the communion table is open to anyone who believes in the sanctity of the Eucharist. All are welcome.

What should I wear to a service?
There is no dress code for members of the Community of the Crucified One. Many members prefer to dress up a little for Sunday Mass, wearing sweaters and skirts or shirts and slacks. Modest dress is recommended. Come in whatever you are most comfortable.

Can I bring my children?
Children of any age are always welcome and you will be in good company with many other mothers and fathers entertaining their little ones in the basement of the Temple. For information regarding the Children's Ministry please visit the Ministries page.

How else can I get involved?
There are a number of ministries and outreaches that you can get involved with, from Learning to Sign the Songs at Mass, to traveling to Brazil or Jamaica and teaching the children on a Mission Trip. To find out more please visit the Missionary Outreach page or the Ministries page.